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Physical Violence/Abuse

Physical assault is a crime, whether it occurs inside a family or outside the family. The police are empowered to protect you from physical attack.

Physical Abuse includes:

 pushing, throwing, kicking

 slapping, grabbing, hitting, punching, beating, tripping, battering, bruising, choking, shaking

 pinching, biting

 holding, restraining, preventing you from leaving, locking you out of the home

 depriving you of sleep, food, medication

 breaking bones

 assault with a weapon such as a knife or gun, an household object

 burning

 murder

Emotional Abuse

Verbal or nonverbal abuse of a spouse or intimate partner consists of more subtle actions or behaviours than physical abuse. While physical abuse might seem worse, the scars of verbal and emotional abuse are deep rooting.

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Verbal or Nonverbal Abuse of a spouse or intimate partner may include:

 threatening or intimidating you to gain compliance

 destruction of your personal property and possessions, or threats to do so

 punching walls, doors, violence to an object or pet, as a way of instilling fear of further violence

 yelling or screaming, name calling, constant harassment

 embarrassing, making fun of you, either at home or in public

 Saying you are worthless, excessive possessiveness, isolates you from friends and family

 constantly checking-up on you  

 blaming you for how they act or feel  

 making you feel there is no way out of the relationship

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Sexual Abuse includes:

 sexual assault: forcing someone to participate in unwanted, unsafe, or degrading sexual activity

 sexual harassment: ridiculing another person to try to limit their sexuality or reproductive choices

 sexual exploitation (such as forcing someone to look at pornography, or forcing someone to participate in pornographic film-making)

 Using force, threats or intimidation to make you perform sexual acts

Sexual abuse often is linked to physical abuse; they may occur together, or the sexual abuse may occur after a bout of physical abuse.

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Economic or Financial Abuse includes:

 withholding economic resources such as money, family allowance, credit cards etc

 exploiting your resources for personal gain

 withholding physical resources such as food, clothes, necessary medications, or shelter from a partner

 preventing you from working or choosing an occupation

Domestic Abuse Myths:

There are many myths that surround the issue of domestic violence. Common beliefs are:

 Domestic abuse only affects women

 Domestic abuse only happens in heterosexual relationships;

 Domestic abuse only affects individuals from disadvantaged or deprived areas of society;

 Domestic abuse is a cultural matter;

 Domestic abuse does not affect older women;

 Domestic abuse manifests itself in individuals who have been the victims and/or witnesses of violence in their family;

 Domestic abuse is provoked;

 Domestic abuse should be solved within the four walls of the home;

 The family should stay together for the sake of the children.

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