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Barnsley DV Group    Registered Charity No: 1085073


Counselling can be a powerful way to examine ourselves and so bring about change within our lives.

We believe that everyone is unique with problems, attitudes, values, expectations and experiences

which are theirs alone.  Therefore counselling will be different for each individual, the counsellor will

offer respect and empathy in order to work with the client. Counselling is not about judging or the

giving of advice, it is about giving someone the freedom to examine their own issues, so empowering

them to find their own resolution.  This service is no longer supported by the local authority and health service, therefore it is with regret that we are introducing a small charge of £3 per session from 1st July 2016.

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Support & Information Sessions

Help and advice sessions – no 2 sessions are the same, everyone has their own problems and priorities.
You can ring 01226 249800 to book an appointment, the worker will go through all of Pathways services and together, see what is the most beneficial to you


01226 249800.  The helpline is manned during office hours, out of hours, there is an answer phone.


This is an appointment based service designed to run in conjunction with other Pathways services.  

It is not offered as a ‘standalone’ service.

Groupwork Programmes

Pathways offers many groupwork programmes and the schedule is prepared for April - September 2017

please call 01226 731812 for details

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Useful Links

All the info you need to find a therapist.

Hypnotherapy Directory

Client services have been identified in direct relation to client needs. Our services are accessible, confidential, supportive, appropriate, professional and all apart from the counselling service, are free to any adult, male or female, who is currently, or has previously experienced domestic abuse. With assistance and ongoing support, added to the raft of services Pathways has at its disposal, people can begin to recognise abusive behaviours and eventually, move on with their lives. This work is long term, there is no ‘quick fix’, it is about steadily building the your self esteem and confidence to make informed choices about your future.